Service / Product List

■  A lot of engineers with abundant knowledge and experience are enrolled in our company.

■  We have a consistent know-how of all processes other than    manufacturing process outsourced
    to the foundry.

■  We are developing our own complexed Mixed Signal LSI including various analog functions from

■  ASO have enough experience of Digital/Analog boundary I/F especially ADC/DAC and sensor   signal processing system.

■  ASO have enough experience of Ultra low jitter PLL, small amplitude high speed Serial I/F     (SERDES)

■  The microcontroller also mass-produces its own developed products, and it is possible to rovide
     LSIs that meet customer’s requirements in almost all fields.

■  We offer our own product (IP) development and contract development services.

■  ASO offer full custom mixed-signal LSI provided for OEM.

■  We also offer porting service to the different processes.


Design service      





Both analog / digital requirement specifications, circuit design, layout, verification and clean GDS are provided consistently.


■ Digital Design       Create RTL and netlist from required specifications. Create RTL and netlist
                                  from required  specifications. P & R and chip level GDS can also be provided.

■ Analog design      It is possible to provide circuit design and simulation with OA data from the
           required specifications, andOA data after layout + verification. We are focusing
                                  mostly on designing to amplify and filter very small signals and digitize them
                                  with high precision.

■etc                    Ultra low jitter PLL, small amplitude high speed serial interface is rich in design