Notation based on Specified Commercial Transaction Law

■  company name ASO inc
■  CEO Yoichi Moroshima
■  Address Hongo T&S Bldg, 2-30-7, Hogo Bunkyo-Ku,Tokyo, 113-0033, JAPAN
■  Contact

TEL. 03-5842-6315

FAX. 03-5842-6316


■  Selling price Please contact us
■  How to order phone、E-mail
■  Payment Method

Bank transfer

Please note that you are responsible for the bank transfer fee.

■  About return

  In the unlikely event that a product is damaged during transportation or a product different from the order arrives, we will replace it with responsibility.

 We can not accept replacement / returns except for the above cases.

 Please let us know by e-mail or phone if you have any questions, etc. on product arrival.