■ 1991   Founded

■ 1991  MODEM developed for PC.

             ・SDLC modem

             ・V.26bis modem

             ・V.32bis modem for Mac

■ 1993    Video-codec LSI developed

■ 1993    Telephonic LSI developed

■ 1994    POS terminal LSI developed

■ 1994    ISDN-I/F board firIBM-PC/AT with TCP/IP driver

■ 1995    2D graphics Video Processor developed.

■ 1996    LSI design becomes the mainstream of work.

               Many are graphics LSIs, and others are contract designs of custom chips (mainly STM

               and ATM exchanges) for various communications.

■ 1998    Development of firmware for ATM communication board and device driver for UNIX

■ 1999    Work with the Silicon Valley venture company in the US to enhance the VLIW type DSP

               and migrate to a 0.35μm process               

■ 2000    Add a floating-point type vector operation mechanism to VLIW type DSP in total of

               1G flops or more and complete porting to 0.25 μm process

■ 2001    Began porting work to 0.18 μm process by further strengthening the same DSP (4G flops

               or more)

■ 2001    Development of router system equipped with Gigabit EtherNet and 100BASE-T I / F

■ 2001    Started LSI backend design

■ 2002    Mixed signal LSI tester Introduced

■ 2002    Started Analog IP development

               VIDEO-DAC, Sound-ADC, Sound-DAC etc

■ 2002    Started 0.18μm 0.15μprocess development

■ 2003    10bit-PipelineADC developed by 0.18um process

■ 2004    1Gbps LVDS transceiver developed by 0.18μm process

■ 2005     Self-developed original 8-bit micro processor for embedded product

          Developed analog signal processing LSI for image sensor

■ 2006    Started mass-production of self-developed original embedded micro processor

■ 2007    Development of analog IP (ADC, DAC) started in 0.13um process

               Developed Signal Processing LSI for Dense Sensor (Mixed SOC) with Ultra-small Sensor

               Developed BaseBand processing LSI for UWB communication

■ 2008    High precision delta-sigma ADC developed

■ 2009    Start mass production of signal processing LSI for magnetic sensor

■ 2011    Development of digital speaker LSI

■ 2012    2Gbps SERDES/PLL developed

■ 2013    Development of digital voltage and current measurement LSI, start mass production

■ 2013    65nm RFCMOS process development start

■ 2014    Improved delta-sigma ADC developed

■ 2015    28nm process development start

■ 2016    40nm process 3.125GHz PLL developed